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About Us

Harijan Vikash Sahyog Samiti is a non-profit organisation, established under Co-operative Societies Act 1935, working for Harijan or Dalit people and upliftment of scheduled castes of Bihar.

The objective of this organisation is the social and economic development of scheduled caste socity and along with that we supprt our members economically as well as morally. We encourage our members to be independent with mutual cooperation.

Our Main Objectives
S. No. Objective
1 Funding for the work of the committee.
2 Provide chicken, pigs, fish market and shop to members of the committee and buy and sale of all suitable items.
3 For the sale of women members of the committee, To get rid of weaving, sewing and cutting training.
4 For the health of women To take necessary action for family welfare eye camps like medical arrangement.
5 Disregarding primary education and adult creed among members and Managing cooperative and cooperative housing for Harijans.
Our Workfield

Our workfield is limited to Patna district.

HVSS Membership

Society's membership will remain open for Harijan men and women who are :-

  1. Resident Of Patna
  2. having true character
  3. older than 18 years
  4. Harijan Members